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Welcome to Empowering Women through Nutrition and Wellness! 
Grab your cup, fill it up, relax and lets talk about solutions that will help you reclaim the power over your health, mind, body and soul. Our goal is helping you achieve optimal health through a science based holistic systemic approach. We start with your root causes so we can educate you and give you the tools in order to heal and balance your body. This is not a crisis management approach of just putting a band-aide over the issue and let it continue with the underlying problems and poor quality of life. It’s time to reclaim your life back. I am here to educate and support you while you do this for yourself. You will feel empowered to enjoy your health instead of tolerating it. Enjoy living life again instead of being the observer on the sidelines.

I can empower you with the knowledge to aid in reversing your heart disease, diabetes, adrenal fatigue and aging. I can help you obtain an optimal quality of life:

Hello, my name is Sara. I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition and Wellness Coach. I have overcome severe trauma, obesity, diabetes, GI imbalance, autoinflammatory disease and mast cell activation disorder myself. I have been coaching under a physician with cardiology patients for several years which helped me ignite my passion for helping others. I decided to go to school to become educated more in depth in nutrition and understanding the root causes and their solutions, life, mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

I use a science based approach to focus on your bio-individuality. For a solution based on your specific needs for optimal heart health🧩 hormone balance🧩 reversing the inflammatory heart disease🧩 adrenal fatigue 🧩dysbiosis🧩 diabetes 🧩
and help you reclaim your power over your heart, body, mind and soul.

The solution starts with:
🌺 Detox( multi system connection)
🌺Hormone balance( multi system connection)
🌺Nutritional balance (cooking, selecting and eating for optimal nutrition)
🌺Specific food/ purpose/, system connection do and don’ts
🌺Supplementation (electro/l/chemical/microbiome recharge)
🌺destressing techniques benefits and function
🌺light exercise/yoga
( to prevent cortisol response and support hormone function)

2 Ways to Reverse ❤ Disease Naturally


🌱primarily plant based

🌱avoid inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, alcohol, red meat, transfat which lead to CAD.

🌱keep it fun and simple

🌱divide plate: half colorful vegetables, 1/4 organic protein if able, 1/4 complex carbs such as wild rice, quinoa.

Stress Management

🏵Gentle yoga: initiates positive energy, increased flexibility and reduces stress

🏵Mediation: relaxes, stress reduction, increased lung capacity.

🏵Qigong: mind/body breathing stretches and strengthens muscles, increases balance, healthy flow throughout your body.

🏵Acupuncture: realigns flow of energy.

Products and Services

💗10 day Cleanse and Energize Bundle
💗30 days “My Time My Health” Bundle
💗12 week “My Time My Health” Ultimate Bundle

Additional resources
💐 Cupboard cleanse
💐 Heart healthy education shopping
💐 Heart healthy ordering out
💐 One on one bonus session

Other concerns that I can help with:
🌻 Auto immune/ inflammatory
🌻 Weight loss
🌻 Hormone imbalance
🌻 PTSD, anxiety, depression
🌻 Thyroid
🌻 Adrenal dysfunction

Contact me. I am always happy to talk about how I can best serve you. We will figure it out together.😊

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