That feeling of seeing my passion in action

Hello, I am Sara. I am the founder of Empowering Women through Nutrition and Wellness. I am so excited to be here and to be able to share my knowledge, passion and devotion with you.

Twenty years ago I would never had thought that I would be here with my own business and doing something that I love.

I grew up poor. We ate what we could afford. Meat, potatoes, gravy, bread and cookies, pasta, processed meats, loaves of bread and cobblers were our fillers.This started my unhealthy attachment with food. I began to look forward to it as a reward.

As an newly married adult I was still living in poverty. I was still eating the same unhealthy choice of foods then on too I had the big gulp and dairy queen treats. Add on a more pounds from 2 pregnancies, birth control and an unhealthy marriage and fatigued adrenalsand insulin resistance my weight ballooned up to 280 pounds.

Then one day the reality hit me. I had a doctor ask me if I had a living will. I looked at him and asked him why. He told me someone is going to have to look after my kids because I wasn’t going to make it much longer. That changed every thing for me. It took 2 years, consistency, hard work, reavaluting food, and the love for my kids. I had lost 120 pounds and with that I regained my health back…for now.

15 yrs later I woke up to an illness that I couldn’t shake. My body ached, I had difficulty breathing. I was hoarse and fatigued. I reacted to a flu shot and it took 3 years to get my life back. Through research and trial and error the knowledge I found plus a dr telling me about Paleo about reset mt health and put my focus in another direction.

I git to thinking that the power of knowledge is a valuable tool. I have had so many patients over the years say that no one listens, the doctors are not even looking or they make me think I am crazy. I knew what they was going through. I wanted to help. I myself went from barely walking to running a 5k just 33 days after starting a paleoAIP and beginning a lifestyle change.

I knew removing the toxic food, eating the right food, getting sleep and mediating could change their lives. I wanted to learn more so I could help others get their life back.

I became certified as a Transformational Nutrition and Wellness coach. There was so many people in need. Most have never even heard anything about food other then its to eat, watch calories or fats. So many quality of lives that I could impact with this info.

I am passionate about helping others feel better. I am here today watching my passion in action with my friends , coworkers and family cheering me on. They know what this means to me.

I am so excited about working with you so you too can be empowered and reclaim your health, happines and achieve harmony. 🙌

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