Do you know your coronary artery calcification score (CACS)? The number 1 heart attack predictor.

High insulin causes inflammation then clotting factor and ca+ are released and try to fix the damage leading to a heart attack.

65% of the population in the U.S. are prediabetic or diabetic. Hyperinsulinemia is the leading cause of heart attacks and is known as the disease of choice. This can be controlled but 65% choose their lifestyle instead.

If you have any of these risk factors you should know your score.

❗High Cholestetol.



❗Family history of heart disease.

The CAC is the direct measurement of damage to the coronary arteries and the likely hood of you having a heart attack. The test is done in a CT scanner, costs under $150.00, takes under 5 minutes to complete and takes only a few days to get the results.

📊If your score is 0 as of that moment you are good.

📊If your score is 1-80 you should be concerned.

📊If you score 81-400 thats pretty serious.

📊If you score over 400 you better start lifestyle changes immediately.

📊You score a 1,000 you are 10x like to have a MI within the next year. Make sure you have a will made up.

If you are a smoker with a low score you are still better off then a higher scoring person.( You can still have other health issues.) If your score goes up by 15% in 2 yrs from your first score then you are 6x more likely to have a MI.

You get your score. What can you do to improve it?

1) Stay away from refined carbs, processed food. Pretty much all breads, pastas and grains, amything in a box and sugars.

2) Stay away from vegtable oils.

3) Get your insulin under control.

4) Low carb high healthy fats diet.

5)Eat more fatty fish or take fish oil.

6) Target nutrition and supplimentation.

7) Vitamin D from sun exposure.

Be your own best health advocate. Ask your doctor for a CACS. Become empowered. Start your lifestyle change, start detoxing amd rejuvinating. Reclaim the power over your heart and your body.

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