We should teach nutrition and wellness to children as a mandatory course in school.

1 in 5 children in the U.S. are obese according to April 2019 CDC findings.( 6-19 years old).

Children are exposed to many xenoestrogens in utero, during birth, from over 20 types of hormones in dairy, hybrid fruits that are 9-20 times sweeter than fruit was 50 yrs ago, juice with 4 oranges or apples condensed in 6 onces, meats, processed foods, toxins in tap water or in bottled water, refined sugars and the list goes on.

We add mold, toxicity, stress, imbalanced hormones, trauma, genetics, economics, location, environment and their peers.

If you have parents that are uneducated about health, nutrition and wellness then cycles will repeat. So, what if we stopped the cycles?

We should develop courses for children that will help them understand the farmers market, shopping on the outside isles of a grocery store, whole foods vs processed foods, refined sugars and the toxic effects, meditation for letting go of stress, yoga to help with stress and promoting circulation, hormones and food connection, gut health, shopping tours, stocking cupboards, cooking wholefoods for nutrient absorbtion and nutrient values in foods. We should also provide them with nutrition coaches so that they can keep learning.

We focus on fitness with children when the majority of childhood illnesses are nutrition and health related. What if we put all those resources towards preparing children for real life issues with real life fieldtrips to grocery stores, farmers markets, yoga studios, gyms, meditation and mindful experiences and real nutrient education.

Can you imagine the quality of life of your child could have if they learned to look at food and see it as nutrition and not as a reward? How to destress and balance hormones? How to sleep to regenerate? knew what to eat to prevemt anxiety or headaches? Or read a label and only buy items with 5 names or less? Or know they need 3 sulfurs, 3 colors and 3 greens with their meals? If they knew how nutrients were absorbed in our bodies and with what? And that what our food eats we eat?

What if our children were so healthy that they didn’t miss school? They could focus on being kids? They could play with other kids? Enjoy extra activities? Focus on school work? Graduate prepared not only in book knowledge but in life knowledge too? What if they was prepared to protect themselves beyond 12th grade?

What if all parents demanded a mandatory nutrition and wellness course in school and voted in a school administration that fought for whats best for the children.

What if….

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