Weight gain during the holidays is not always about food.

I did everything Paleo. What happened?

The holidays are here. We are planning the dinners. Who, what, when, where, why and how is racing through our mind.

Next comes the money. Working overtime. Taking off work. Finding coverage. How much are you going to need? How much is the food going to cost? Is any one pitching in? How much do you spend on each person and who do you buy for? Should I buy online or go to the store? Oh, no! Am I going in debt for the holidays?

Then time management becomes the next thing that bogs down our mind. How am I going to do it? How long will it take me to get there? Do I have to pick anyone up? Do I have enough days to get that item here? Am I spending time with my family or am I just hosting?

There are so many factors that throw our body out of whack other then food during the holidays that cause weight gain and fluid retention that we do not see coming. Here are some things to be cognizant of. Number one is the doozy!

1) Stresssssssss.

2) Lack of sleep.

3 Inflammatory foods.

4) Medications.



7)No movement.

8)Mineral imbalance.

What do we need to do to make it through the holidays with the least amount of stress on my body? Here are some tips.

1) Put your electronics away an hour before bed. Journal your thoughts. Drink some chamomile tea. Take a nice warm epson salt and lavender soak, keep the bedroom cool and go to bed between the hours of 10PM-2AM so your body can get restorative sleep.

2) Take a walk in nature. Do some light yoga. Meditate. Focused breathing. Write down a list to help organize your days. Research adaptogens. Quit stressing! It does nothing to help. Share the load. Tell others you need help. Stay out of the gym and away from strenuous work. Chilllllll.

3) Mindset. Keep it positive. Plan ahead for your meals and figure out what you can eat so you can plan your own plate and dessert. Plan your shopping ahead. Don’t wait until last minute. Take in every minute with your family and friends. Don’t’ let negative people get into your head. You are only there for a short period so keep busy and distant. Accept that who they are not you. Gratitude. At the end of the day give thanks for everything.

4) Watch the high sodium foods. Avoid snacking in between meals and only eat between the hours of 8 Am-8 Pm. Nothing after your last meal. Eat healthy fats and proteins as well as get those cruciferous vegetables first. Use plant based sugar substitute such as Monkfruit or Stevia. Walk after your meals as a group. Remember that a calorie from one is not a calorie from another. Your body needs nutrient density so your food fuels the body in different ways.

5) Avoid the xenoestrogens that you come into contact with that disrupt your hormone receptors. It matters from the food, the cookware, the storage containers, the chemicals in the kitchen, the bathroom, the whole house and even on the bakeware or storage containers. Learn more about what xenoestrogens/toxins/ mold do to your hormones and how it brings symptoms, illness and decline…including weight gain.

Below I have attached a time management worksheet to help you organize so that you can leave the stress and weight behind and enjoy your time with those that matter.

Time Management Relief

In conclusion, make the most of your holidays and your time with those that you cherish. Be in the present and make memories. If you gain some weight then evaluate the situation, get some cruciferous vegetables in and start detoxing. You will be back as you was beforehand in no time.

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